What To Get Your Boo For Valentine's

What To Get Your Boo For Valentine's

What To Get Your Boo For Valentine's

Ah, the day where we all celebrate our loved ones! We doubt it’ll be not too off the mark if we assume that this day is only second to Christmas when it comes to preparation and wishlists, no? And with it coming up in just a little over a week, most of us must have gotten our shopping done already! However, if you fall into the handful who haven’t, or maybe you’d like to spoil your partner just a little more this year, then we’ve got you covered! So here are some gift ideas for your boyfriend, girlfriend, and/or partner this coming Valentine’s!



Starting off with the one and only staple set of accessories, here are some of our curated pieces to spoil your significant other with this 14th!


[COOL MOM HUGGIES IMAGE] If “bold” and “beautiful” are words you’d associate with your partner, then our Cool Mom Huggies are the ones you’re looking to get! It packs truly the most elegant of Boss Babe energy in its ruby-red gemstone and 18K plated gold, and with how it is waterproof and tarnish-free, they won’t ever have to worry about taking them off– be it for the gym, the pool, or even the shower!


Cool mom huggies ~ $30


[KUWAIT EARRINGS IMAGE] Simple and pretty, these Kuwait Earrings are a perfect balance of elegance and cute! Moreover, with it made of 925 Sterling Silver and prettied up in only the most stunning of Cubic Zirconia stones, these earrings are a PREMIUM, meaning they’re luxury! So if you’re looking to go above and beyond for them, then these are the ones you need to get!


Kuwait earrings (925S) ~ $80


[GHANA (PINK) EARRINGS] If you’re looking to get a Boss Babe something but subtlety is more of their vibe, then our Ghana Earrings in Pink should be the ones you add to your cart! A balance between the above two earrings, this is perfect for anyone looking for an everyday piece to wear that’s office-friendly, as well as party-friendly! Also, this babe is made of 925 Sterling Silver and its gems are Cubic Zirconia– making it luxury!


Ghana earrings (925S) ~ $70



Now, what’s more romantic than having your partner slip on a necklace they bought you? Nothing! Which is why we’ve put together a list of our favourite necklaces that are sure to have them fall even more in love– not just with it, but with you too!


[WEDNESDAY CHAIN] A simple pendant with the prettiest pink gems, our Wednesday Chain is sure to be a stunner on your loved one! This is also a crowd favourite and it’s from our latest collection as well– Mean Girls, where everything is so pretty and so pink.


Wednesday chain ~ $35


[ICELAND CHAIN] You can never go wrong with white gemstones, which is why our Iceland Chain is on this list. Made of 925 Sterling Silver and the most stunning of Cubic Zirconia stones, this piece is one of the more luxurious ones we’ve curated! So if you’d like to spoil them a little this month, then this necklace should definitely be on your list!


Iceland chain (925S) ~ $70


[POLAND CHAIN] If you’re looking for something similar to the Iceland Chain but in pink, then our Poland Chain is the one you’re after! A stunning gem encased so beautifully in white, this chain is bound to look very pretty on them, and– much like our Iceland Chain, it’s LUXURY and completely waterproof and tarnish-free!


Poland chain (925S) ~ $70



If you have something very special planned for Valentine’s and want to slip something on their fingers as a promise, then here’s a collection you definitely should take a look at!


[DIAMOND STACK RING] A unique twist on the classic single gemstone ring, our Diamond Stack Ring comes in three variations for you to choose from! This is definitely a one-of-a-kind ring and it’s one you don’t see much of outside of XVXII, so if you’re looking for something different then this is right up your alley!


Diamond stack ring ~ $28


[QATAR RING] A deeper shade of pink, this is definitely one for the more regal! So simple but still holding its own, our Qatar Ring is the one to get your independent partner! It’s also made of 925 Sterling Silver and its stones are Cubic Zirconia, so on top of being waterproof and tarnish-free, these babes are luxury!


Qatar ring (925S) ~ $70


[PARIS RING IN WHITE] … Need we say more?


Paris ring (925S) ~ $80



The only thing second to your partner assisting with you clasping your necklace has to be your partner helping you with your bracelet! Here are our top three favourites!


[MANALI BRACELET] A string of white gemstones perfectly lined up, our Manali Bracelet is a crowd favourite! It’s also completely adjustable with a simple push and pull of the stopper, so it’s universal! This is also a PREMIUM piece, meaning that it’s made of 925 Sterling Silver and its stones are Cubic Zirconia!


Manali bracelet (925S) ~ $60


[BURN BOOK BRACELET] Pink and pretty, there’s no surprise that this is yet another crowd favourite! The Burn Book Bracelet is also one of our latest releases and it’s a Valentine’s special, as part of our Mean Girls Collection! Completely waterproof and tarnish-free, this bracelet will retain its glow and shine no matter the weather, and no matter the water– be it the pool, the gym, or the shower!


Burn book bracelet ~ $30


[DUBAI BRACELET] Our Dubai Bracelet packs so much beauty in its subtle gemstones. A luxury piece, this bracelet is made of 925 Sterling Silver and is adorned only with the prettiest white Cubic Zirconia stones! It also comes in gold, so we have one for everyone!


Dubai bracelet (925S) ~ $60


All of our pieces listed here are available for sale both online and in-store! You can check these babes out for yourself at 61 Haji Lane, and while your at it, can take a look at our other pieces as well! All of our jewellery are waterproof, tarnish-free, and are affordable too. We have pieces for every occasion as well, from birthdays to even friendship jewellery, so do drop us a visit!


Happy Valentine’s!



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