XVXII Projects

Violet fair 2021

In March 2021, to celebrate International Women's Day (IWD), XVXII hosted it's first pop up fair (The Violet Fair) to bring forth women owned businesses in Singapore. It was a 1 day event which sold out completely with more than 200 guests attending and gained alot of positive feedback from attendees/vendors. 

XVXII Marketplace

XVXII managed to open it's first retail space at Haji lane in August 2021. To utilise the space to the best of it's ability, half of the store was dedicated to XVXII Marketplace. The Marketplace allows local small businesses to rent full day or half day booths at affordable rental rates, giving them the exposure of a pop up at a very prime location. This is an ongoing initiative and we hope to keep it afloat for as long as possible.

80 for 100+ (Valentine's 2022)

For valentine's day 2022, XVXII collaborated with 14 local brands to curate vouchers worth more than $100+. This initiative was marketed on our instagram and tiktok, to give participating brands the best possible exposure on our platforms. The 14 brands included 10 online and 4 retail brands.

Violet carnival 2022

To celebrate International Women's day 2022, XVXII hosted its annual Violet carnival which celebrates women in business. This was a 3 day event that hosted more than 250 people and  involved 16 local businesses in Singapore. This carnival style event featured 2 fun carnival games, free polaroids and brownies, a collaboration with bears & friends SG, a pop up event with 11 local brands and an in-store discount for XVXII. This event received great response and became the largest XVXII event hosted till date.